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Customer Reviews for Sebastian Maniscalco

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Sebastian Maniscalco vs Nitro Car event

Vicki from Spokane, Washington
12th August 2023

Really fun night at Northern quest thanks to Sebastian Maniscalco. He captures the audience with insight into the ridiculous absurdities of living amongst our fellow human beings, the stuff of life we can all relate to. His audience become his friends, riveted to his stories, sharp, poignant and drop down hilarious! With each blasting roar of the nitro-speedsters in the background, or should we say, foreground, he made the plays with amazing grace. He’s the consummate good sport, a pro. Sebastian, please come back and give us another chance to experience and celebrate the gift you give, the power laughter! Spokane, our city, will make sure you have as much fun as we did last night. Thank you from the top and bottom of our hearts!

Not enough Stars here!

Cheryl Larson from Wheaton, Illinois
10th April 2023

I have not laughed this hard since I dated one of the funniest guys ever in 1980! Laugh till you cry, sore face, sore ribs, potty breaks needed! I’m in Wheaton Il I’m so obsessed with the laughter I dream about him around in my life! My regret is we didn’t cross paths before he left Chicago my brother and nephew’s lived in Inverness I spent many trips up and down Barrington rd. Also Nordstrom in Woodfield. I saw him in Green Bay bc I don’t like the city anymore. I was like 5th row! I wanted to say pick on me pick on me! Instead he picked on a guy in front who looked like an electrician who could probably fix cables if needed. That guy wasn’t happy. Sebastian moved on. I’m like WTH is he doing in front row! I’ve seen every show 10x I still laugh! I got in Uber asked him how long have you been doing Uber? I had a few after a wedding! I asked if he has discotheque in Istanbul! He was cracking up! I gave him a 10.00 on top of his tip for being a good sport! I go to jimmy johns and tell them to run it thru the garden! Yes I’m obsessed with laughing! Just lost my bff my mom in August she laughed so hard when I turned Sebastiancomedy on. She omg not this guy again. She had dementia but she laughed so hard! She wanted to go to Green Bay last year! I’m like mom we can’t hit pause every 10 minutes! I really hope Sebastian sees this. He is the best and has the biggest heart! I love the way he is mortified when Pete tells him how he complains in public and makes a stink! Thanks for listening!

So funny

Patti from Providence, Rhode Island
3rd December 2022

Second time seeing Sabastian. Loved his shows because he talks about real life stuff. Go see him!

Right on the Mark

Ronnie from Charlotte, North Carolina
2nd December 2022

Sebastian does not disappoint. His jokes are executed with precision and talent. He uses facial expressions, movements of body and voice to get the best laugh out of a joke. A true master of his art. Loved this show!

We love Sebastian Maniscalco

Tony Parenza from Des Moines, Iowa
15th April 2022

My wife and I took our five adult children and spouses to Sebastian Maniscalco at Civic Center, Des Moines Ia. He did not disappoint!!! We had the best evening and he is so entertaining!! We laughed the night away. This is my 3rd time and my wife's 2nd time seeing him. We just love him!!!

Sebastian is great Brooklyn is disgusting

Frank Rizzo from New York, New York
25th March 2022

The show was unreal what a talent. Next time don’t play this venue it’s disgusting crap hole of the world